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Did you treat the ? Elements?
right ?


Bacteria Kills...
for a better cause here !


Are you at risk ?


Panchabhutha or the 'five elements' constituting earth, wind, fire, water, and space are very important to our existence.


A septic tank is a processing tank and not a dumping tank. The process taking place inside the tank is by bacteria


It is neither Engineering nor Architectural defect that endangers your life. It is Microbiology?..!!!!








The difference

 Conventional Septic Tank

UNITED Septic Tank

High construction cost Low cost
Cannot be shifted Can be shifted
Not Easy to clean Easy to clean by oneself
Durability-Doubtful Durability Guaranteed
Chances of seepage more Tested for seepage
Trench is necessary No trench required
Require more space Can be fitted in small area
Can be built only on ground Can be kept on any type of floors
Not suitable for all soil conditions Adaptable anywhere
Corrosive Non-Corrosive
Polyethylene Septic Tanks

Polyethylene Tank


As the name suggests, United Polyethylene Septic Tanks, are made of Polyethylene in a single moulding.




RCC Septic Tank


United RCC Septic Tanks are made of high-quality rich concrete to assure you a maintenance-free,trouble-freefunctioning.




Domestic Sewage Treatment


We have developed a new patented Sewage Treatment Plant for independent houses, designed to treat 1000 Ltrs per day - both Black and Grey water.



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